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Ahoy, glad you made it here!

I'm Stefan Exner, currently working as IT freelancer (Development, Consulting, ...) and living in Hamburg, Germany.

My favourite work could be described as simply helping people solve their technology related problems. This can include identifying the actual needs with them, choosing a proper technical stack to build on, developing a corresponding system myself, translating business requirements into technical ones and/or supporting an existing team. I love building MVPs and agile, iterative development. Start with something small and let it grow based on the respective circumstances.

Here's a short summary of my skills and work experience, the full version can be found on the About Me page.

  • Technologies
  • Ruby/Rails️
  • GraphQL
  • Solr
  • Docker
  • CI/CD (Gitlab, Github)
  • Javascript (Vanilla, Vue.js, node, a bit of React Native)
  • cypress
  • nginx
  • Experience
  • Full Stack Development
  • Tech Lead
  • Team Lead
  • Technical Consulting
  • Agile Development

Past Work

  • 2022-Ongoing
  • Startup
  • Backend-Development / Devops
  • Building the backend for an MVP, creating an initial CI/CD infrastructure, server administration
  • 2021-2021
  • sum.cumo / freeyou
  • Freelance Backend Developer
  • Extended an existing insurance system. Worked on improving inter-team communication and the team's agile workflow.
  • 2020-2021
  • MVP Lab GmbH
  • Digital Solution Architect / Fullstack Developer
  • 2016-2020
  • Lokalportal-GmbH
  • Backend-Developer ? Head of Technology Innovation
  • 2013-2020
  • IQSH
  • Training teachers to become certified computer science teachers
  • 2009-2016
  • CAU Kiel
  • Freelance Work while studying Computer Science (Master's Degree)
  • 2008-2009
  • Webmedia / Visrez
  • Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer

Latest Posts

A simple script approach to import posts from an external feed into a Jekyll blog using HEY World’s atom feed as an example. Contains some special workarounds to fix the feed’s contents, but should work with every well-formed RSS feed out there with a little customisation.

Test Post for writing short posts in HEY World and importing them into Jekyll (with syntax highlighting and tags). Works fine (up to a certain extend) without cluttering the output in case someone would really subscribe to this via email.